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This website is for EVERYONE, those who are seeking answers to lifes problems, and also for believers desperately seeking genuine Biblical truths. It is for those who are hurting, or those who are seeking to help someone who is - those in need of comfort, guidance, acceptance and understanding. Please make full use of our free downloads, they are there to minister to the hurts and needs of the Young, the Downtrodden, the Destitute, the Poor, the Abused and the Bereaved. Our E-Book "The Betrayal Of The Innocent" which deals with the trauma of sexual abuse is also available as a free download, and we have a free download specifically for Military Personnel and their families, all of whom live daily under the most extraordinary pressure. We hope these downloads will meet your particular needs at this time and be a Blessing to you and your families.

Our other downloads deal with different aspects of life from Environmental issues to human relationships, from Young Love to The Middle Years Of Life. Some of these downoads are extracts from my e-books, Lost and Found - The Other Side Of Me, and The Young Heart Awakens, both of which can be purchased either from our Inspirational Section or our Romance and Wise Words Section. ALL our e-books and downloads look just as good as our websites do! They are not boring to look at OR boring to read! We utilize colour backgrounds and powerful imagery in conjunction with coloured text to enhance your reading experience and ensure that our e-books are both uplifting and memorable!

For those of you who are young and in love, or have children or grandchildren who are, we highly recommend our free download "Young Love - It's Joys And Perils". If you know or are related to a young person you suspect has been spiritually and emotionally damaged by an unfortunate choice or encounter, our e-book download "The Young Heart Awakens" provides wonderfully healing and compassionate words of comfort, guidance and upliftment to help them get through what can be a hugely traumatic time in their lives, particularly if they do not receive the support, understanding and spiritual encouragement they so desperately need. Teenage suicides are on the increase all over the World - make sure someone you love or care about doesn't become just another sad statistic. God IS there, He DOES Care and so must we! There is also some lovely romantic verse on offer in our Romance and Wise Words Section. True Love is a wonderful gift from God but wisdom is still very necessary!

5th October 2022


It is strongly recommended that readers download and save as much of the guidance contained within these websites as they possibly can as Internet attacks by various Governments, including widespread censorship etc. etc. ALL combined with malicious hacking, are making it more and more difficult to get the TRUE WORD OF GOD out to a World desperately seeking answers -The Truth, Gods’ Truth, not the perpetual lies put out by liars, despots and dictators! If you are using the Internet and see sylviadarling.com wordsforyou.online, or Thy Word Is Truth Christian Ministries (.com or .co.za) WITH ANY OTHER “EXTENSIONS” ADDED TO THEM i.e. “.love” OR ANY EXTENSIONS AT ALL be warned that they have nothing WHATSOEVER to do with ANY of my original websites and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

29th October 2022

A Word from God to the American Republicans who have chosen another “god” who is not Him.

Amos 2:8

“And they lay themselves down upon clothes laid to pledge by every altar, and they drink wine of the condemned in the home of their god.”

The prostitution of My people, the selling of their Souls to a god who is not a god but a man. Evil, they have chosen to serve evil, but their day of retribution is coming for I shall strike the head of their organization and they shall live in the rot they have “worshipped” and perish in the flames by his side.

Man has to make choices. The choices are many, as are the temptations, but there is only ONE choice for the rest lead to Hellfire and damnation. The end rapidly approaches, chose whom you will serve – God or Mammon.

Thus Saith The Lord.

Sylvia Darling

Prophet Of The Living God Of Israel.

15th March 2022

A Word of The Lord for Ukraine

So as there be no misunderstanding: for the correct interpretation of Gods’ Holy Scripture in this context, Putin is Jeroboam and Zelensky is Abijah. Jeroboam had 800,000 men in his army, he fought against Judah from a position of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS; he had made golden calves for the Children of Israel to worship and cast out the sons of Aaron and the Levites, but Abijah ‘kept the charge of the Lord’ and did not forsake Him, he had only 400,000 men but God was with him….

2 Chron.13:11/18 (KJV)

“…for we keep the charge of the Lord our God: but ye have forsaken him. And behold, God Himself is with us for our captain, and his priests with sounding trumpets to cry alarm against you…fight ye not against the Lord God of your fathers, for ye shall not prosper. But Jeroboam caused an ambushment to come about behind them: so they were before Judah and the ambushment was behind them. And when Judah looked back, behold the battle was before and behind: and they cried unto the Lord, and the priests sounded with the trumpets. Then the men of Judah gave a shout: and as the men of Judah shouted, it came to pass that God smote Jeroboam and all Israel before Abijah and Judah. And the children of Israel fled before Judah: and God delivered them unto their hand…and the children of Judah prevailed, because they relied on the God of their fathers.”

Let the Children of God all over the World, “blow the trumpet” for Ukraine, let them give “a mighty shout” that will bring Victory to an oppressed and wronged Nation against an unjust and unholy OPPRESSOR and MURDERER of humanity. Thus saith God.

Sylvia Darling

9th March 2022.

PRAY FOR UKRAINE! Pray against Putin and those who support him! BE SURE Our Heavenly Father will hold PUTIN and all who stand with him RESPONSIBLE for every drop of innocent blood that is shed!

Sylvia Darling.

13th February 2022

A Word of the Lord for Donald Trump.

Amos 2: 3 / 4 (KJV)

“And I will cut off the judge from the midst thereof, and will slay all the princes thereof with him, saith the Lord… I will not turn away the punishment thereof because they have despised the law of the Lord, and have not kept his commandments, and their lies caused them to err after the which their fathers have walked.”

This is My judgement upon Trump and all those who defile My Name and My Holy Teachings, those who take the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in vain. You have usurped the strongholds of power and shall pay a terrible price for so doing. Areas in which you thought yourself invincible shall fall and those you cherish shall be taken from you. Thus saith God.

Sylvia Darling

16th January 2022      A Word From God For America

America, you stand on the precipice of destruction, and rightfully so. You have not yet paid for the evils of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, neither have you paid for the appalling desecration inflicted upon the innocent in Vietnam, for which even your own people paid a disproportionate price. You are steeped in evil, the blood of the innocent cries out over many decades and I have heard those cries. The innocent in your own Nation will pay the price for the evil actions of your rulers, inflicted so callously and without a second thought on those you saw as ‘enemy’ nations and inflicted with equal callousness and lack of compassion for the loyal and faithful in your own Armed Forces. Do you not think these actions were reprehensible in My Sight? Do you not know how repugnant they were to Me? Now your whole Nation will know the Wrath of God: your whole Nation will come to realize that the Hand of God is lifted against them. Those that TRULY know Me must call upon My Name and I will hear THEIR voices, but My Face is forever turned from America from this day forward. The voice of Mammon is the only voice that is heard, evil is rampant throughout your land, throughout your ‘Government’, in reality Evil has only ever ruled, but Satan whom you serve is a vanquished foe and you will die as you have lived, steeped in lies, deception and greed. Thus saith God.

Sylvia Darling

Prophet Of The Living God Of Israel

The Tears Of God For Humanity

I weep for the innocent, the millions that will die for the sins of carnal man. I weep for the bird that will fly for but a moment; for the children who will never know life because of the sins of man…man who refused them LIFE, A TOMORROW, so HE could have ‘Wealth’ and ‘Abundance’ THAT WILL NOT SEE TOMORROW. Weep not for the Unborn, weep for the Living, those who will die for YOUR SINS today, the sins of hate-filled hearts that God will not overlook, or forgive.


You do not even begin to perceive or understand what is coming, everything I have tried so desperately hard to prevent. I have sent My Prophets, My Sages, My Wisemen but you have heeded none of them, so now…reap as you have sown, but do not cry to Me for deliverance from all that you have knowingly brought upon yourselves. The choice was yours. You made it flippantly, callously, not caring who you destroyed as long as you were happy in the moment, but now that moment has passed, and you shall perish for your sins. Thus Saith God.

Sylvia Darling

10th November 2021

2nd December 2021

“We, the people”…… and I am talking to people ALL OVER THE WORLD right now as we all face a SLAVERY and SERVITUDE that the Worlds population has not seen before. We do not elect Government officials OR PRESIDENTS to be our GODS, They are elected to become our SERVANTS, NOT our DICTATORS and NOT OUR GODS. They are there to SERVE us not to DICTATE to us! GOD, THE TRUE GOD OF ISRAEL IS ON HIS THRONE, if WE as the Worlds population now allow PEOPLE, ORDINARY men and women to dictate what we can and cannot do, with our LIVES, with OUR BODIES then they have indeed elected themselves to be GODS over our lives. If we allow this to happen we have denounced the One True God and allowed MAN , HUMAN, FLAWED, BIASED and GREEDY MAN to be GOD in our lives. NONE of us can allow this to happen or disaster on a scale NO-ONE has forseen will fall upon us all.




Sylvia Darling
Prophet Of The Living God Of Israel.



Has anything really changed since the days of Ancient Rome when Emperor Nero lay back contently singing and playing his lyre while THE CITY OF ROME BURNED? While President Joe Biden desperately hangs on to his UTOPIAN DREAM of a unified, harmonious, bipartisan Governing Body, ruthless power-hungry Republicans across the length and breadth of America are depriving millions of the right to vote, PERFECTING their plans to ensure their own minority rule REGARDLESS of who actually WINS future elections, and blatantly plotting the violent overthrow of his legitimately elected Government! THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR ENDLESS, FUTILE, ‘NEGOTIATIONS’ - IT IS A TIME FOR ACTION BEFORE AMERICA IS ENGULFED IN THE FLAMES OF REVOLUTION!

The above warning was put up on 5th June 2021. In July 2020 I shared a word that made it abundantly clear that “to heed Trumps call ONCE was foolishness but to heed it again was to CHOOSE UNRIGHTEOUSNESS” The consequences for doing so were also made clear – “failure to turn from Trump would quickly bring Gods Judgement upon you and God would not heed your cries to be delivered from the evil that would oppress your land.” Look at all the Natural Disasters that have ravaged your land since then and more will follow that will wreak even more havoc as the prophetic word I shared on 20th April 2021 warned:-

“A Message To America For your Republican leaders, for they ARE your leaders REGARDLESS of the fact that YOU did not CHOOSE them… they are your ‘SELF-APPOINTED KINGS’ and you ALLOW them to be so! I will not save you from your external enemies when so many enemies lie within, nurtured by your own venomous, hate-filled breasts! STAND BACK AND WATCH WHAT I WILL DO SAITH GOD! STAND BACK AND WATCH WHILE YOUR NATION RACES HEADLONG TOWARDS ITS OWN DESTRUCTION! Huge swathes of America will become UNINHABITABLE over the next few years, but such is your INSATIABLE GREED that you will nonetheless PLUNDER that which is still beautiful in My Sight! DO NOT CRY OUT TO ME TO BE “MERCIFUL” AS YOUR WORLD COLLAPSES AROUND YOUR EARS, FOR I WILL NEVER HEAR THE PLEAS OF THOSE WHO HAVE SHOWN NO MERCY!”

Today, 16th October 2021 I am sharing another Prophetic Word of Warning to your Nation.

Trump is going to lead your Nation to the brink of Catastrophe if you allow his assault on Democracy to go unchecked. WHERE ARE THE HEROES, THE CHAMPIONS OF YOUR GREAT NATION THAT ALL STANDBY AND DO NOTHING WHILE THIS DESPOT WREAKS HAVOC WITHIN YOUR LAND? ARISE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND DEFEAT THE EVIL THAT LIES WITHIN. Learn from the pages of History: “No great Civilization can be conquered from WITHOUT until it has destroyed itself WITHIN.” YOU ARE ON THE VERY EDGE OF DISASTER, DO NOT FALL OVER THAT EDGE, THERE WILL BE NO SAVING YOU FROM THE CATASTROPHE THAT AWAITS.

Christians For Christ – Guardians of His Teachings And Defenders of TRUE Christianity!

A Prayer For The Faithful

It takes courage to stand against the tide,
Whether the tide be the way of the World,
Or the way of the Church,
For both can be blindly following their own goals
Leaving You Lord far behind.
Give me courage to stand with my childlike faith,
Holding onto all You have given me,
Believing it, trusting it, knowing it to be true,
With no other goal but Yours,
With no other desire in my heart
Than to be pleasing to you - no matter what the cost.

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2021

So many very different kinds of people call themselves ‘Christians’ today, there are ‘Conservative’ Christians, ‘Evangelical’ Christians and very many other categories, but in the eyes of God and Our Precious Lord and Saviour there is only ONE kind of Christian, the one who truly loves and serves Him, who puts aside all worldly aims and ambitions and follows Him, unswervingly obeying His Word and being true to ALL His teachings. There is no such thing as ‘qualified’ loyalty to Christ – we are either His servants or we are not, it is as simple as that. Those who believe anything to the contrary are walking in error and are embroiled in spiritual DECEPTION. I am particularly addressing the millions of blatant racists in America today, whatever ‘Christian’ labels they may be choosing to hide behind… people who are in fact loyal only to themselves and their own bigoted beliefs, and who unhesitatingly follow any ‘leader’ of a purportedly ‘Christian’ Church or Political Party who echoes, and to them “legitimizes’, their own totally UNSCRIPTURAL and UNHOLY biases and hatreds. It is astonishing to see that so many consider themselves ‘blessed of God’ …people seeking to overthrow a legitimately elected Government in order to follow a man who is the EPITOME of the type of person the Bible clearly states that NO CHRISTIAN should have anything to do with!* The degree of self-delusion is ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING… MILLIONS OF PEOPLE willing to buy into A LIE to achieve their own NEFARIOUS UNGODLY goals! “They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. We are of God: he that KNOWETH God HEARETH us: HE THAT IS NOT OF GOD HEARETH NOT US. HEREBY KNOW WE THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND THE SPIRIT OF ERROR.”
(1John 4:5/6)

*See 2Tim 3:1/5 “For in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be LOVERS OF THEIR OWN SELVES, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers…unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, FALSE ACCUSERS…fierce, DESPISERS OF THOSE THAT ARE GOOD, TRAITORS, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God: having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: FROM SUCH TURN AWAY.”

Christs’ true followers have to make a stand for true Christianity and publicly DECLARE AND DISPLAY WHAT THE TEACHINGS OF THE BIBLE AND OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST REALLY ARE REGARDING LIES, BIGOTRY AND HATRED! NO-ONE using a Christian Platform to support violence, bigotry, insurrection or racial hatred of ANY kind, should go UNCHALLENGED. Christs’ Words are not ‘open to interpretation’ they are very, very clear! EVERY TIME a ‘Christian’ supports a blatantly unchristian stance he or she should be challenged about it and the true teachings of Christ declared – fight LIES with THE WORD OF GOD! MERELY SHOUTING “LIAR!” ACHIEVES NOTHING, BUT THE HOLY BIBLE ASSURES US THAT THE WORD OF GOD WILL NOT RETURN TO HIM VOID, BUT IT SHALL ACCOMPLISH THAT WHICH HE PLEASES AND SHALL PROSPER IN THE THING WHERETO HE SENT IT! (Isaiah 55:11)

Whether they make their stand on the Old Covenant or the New, these people are GUILTY in the eyes of God! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said “Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven: BUT HE THAT DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN. Matt 7:21 The FIRST of the Ten Commandments states:
"I AM THE LORD THY GOD, THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME!" Trump is CLEARLY the ipso facto ‘God’ of not only the members of the Republican Party in the House and Senate, BUT ALSO THE MAJORITY OF REPUBLICANS, who joyfully worship at the feet of their ‘God’ Trump as their Republican leaders, TO THE SHOCK AND HORROR OF THE WATCHING WORLD, GROVEL OBSEQUIOUSLY AT HIS FEET, seeking the favour of one WHO HAS PROVED he will throw them to the wolves as soon as they ‘displease’ him any way at all! DID THEY LEARN NOTHING FROM THE FACT THAT THEIR ‘GOD’ SENT HIS DECEIVED MANIACAL HOARDES TO ASSAIL THEM, NOT CARING ONE IOTA WHETHER HIS ‘FAITHFUL’ AMONGST THEM LIVED OR DIED? Their Nations plaques should all be changed to read “In TRUMP We Trust” since they quite clearly neither know nor follow God!


The SEVENTH COMMANDMENT is: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL”! Yet another Commandment these so-called ‘Christian’ malignant followers of Trump were prepared to COMPLETELY DISREGARD when assaulting the Capitol Building with PROVEN murderous intent! Racist white supremacists’ intent on destabilizing the Nation and bringing about a Civil War are now more than ever BRAZENLY gunning down innocent African American men, women and children EVERY DAY on the streets of America and are now also targeting Jews and Asians! JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN A JEW! DO THEY THINK GOD IS NOT WATCHING EVERY ONE OF THEIR EVIL DEEDS? DO THEY THINK THEY WILL NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EACH AND EVERY DROP OF INNOCENT BLOOD THEY SHED? *“He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now… **Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” *1John 2:9, **1John 3:15

The EIGHTH COMMANDMENT is: “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL” Republican Lawmakers in States throughout America are pushing through Laws that quite deliberately TARGET Black Americans, making it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for huge numbers of them to actually vote! They are STEALING THE VOTES that many courageous African Americans fought for and DIED to win for their brothers and sisters! Republicans may lie to themselves as to their true intent on passing such Laws, BUT GOD SEES, KNOWS AND FULLY UNDERSTANDS THE EVIL IN THEIR HEARTS AS THEY BREAK THIS HIS EIGHTH COMMANDMENT.

The NINETH COMMANDMENT is: “THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOUR” a Commandment which Trump devotees and devotees of the Satanic and evil QAnon Cult COMPLETELY DISREGARD every time they spread one of its lunatic theories accusing democrats of being Satan-worshipping paedophiles, amongst all their other preposterous allegations! Many despicable people supported by Republic Leadership are now maintaining that the insurrection during which Capitol Police were viciously assaulted and two ultimately died, NEVER REALLY HAPPENED! LIARS!!! If anyone reading this is a Republican and has been ‘sitting on the fence’ regarding the insurrection AND THEIR CONTINUED BLIND DEVOTION TO THEIR GOD TRUMP, despite his appalling words and deeds, LET THEM NOW CONSIDER THE LINE DRAWN IN THE SAND BECAUSE AFTER TODAY THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY GOD FOR ADHERING TO THEIR ‘BELIEFS’ AFTER HAVING BEEN SHOWN THEIR ERROR IN THE WORD OF GOD. 1John 2:4 “He that saith I KNOW HIM and keepeth not His Commandments IS A LIAR, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM.” CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE, TURN FROM YOUR IDOLATRY AND HAVE THE FAITH AND INTEGRITY TO DECLARE AS DID JOSHUA “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!” Joshua 24:15


Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2021

The Christian Battlefield

The Call

For those who hurt, for those who bleed,
A salve for their wounds,
And the reason they bleed.
For those who seek a reason for it all,
The Answer – The Truth,
Come heed His Call.
For those who hunger,
For those who thirst,
For those who feel forever cursed,
The Answer, The Truth…
Come heed His Call,
The Messiah is waiting…
The Answer to it all.

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling

There are so many different battles to be fought in even the simplest of lives today – battles we have to fight simply to hold our ground, refusing to yield to the strident voices all around us seeking to pull us down and totally DESTROY the person we really ARE, people and organisations trying to FORCE US to compromise in areas of our lives in which we CANNOT, SHOULD NOT, MUST NOT COMPROMISE. It is then that those of us who are loyal to God and who faithfully try to live our lives according to the teachings of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ must stand our ground, STAND on our faith and steadfastly keep our eyes on our Wonderful, Compassionate Messiah who will always see us through! We cannot be loyal to any other Truth but His: other ‘loyalties’ must be put to one side. His is the ONLY WAY and we must be unswervingly loyal to HIS Truths and no-one else’s misguided misinterpretations of His Word that would have the ‘godly’ doing decidedly ungodly things! Man generally has his own ulterior motives that are profoundly self-serving and very far from Godly! “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matt 6:24)

Now is the time to choose for very many people: the End Times cannot be very far away when we look at what is happening all over the World not only due to the devastating effects of climate change but also with the rise of reckless, power-mad despots in nations across the globe; it is a time to very clearly, very definitely choose Christ Who has said that if we cling to our lives we will lose them, but if we give up our lives for His Sake we will find them. (Matt 10:37/40) Walk a straight path, keeping your eyes only on Him, heeding no other voice but His and you will walk a path of Peace and Righteousness that no man can ever lay before you. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matt 6:13/14) FREE YOURSELF from mans’ unholy, manipulative demands and GENUINELY give your life to Jesus Christ Who died for you, for whomsoever CHRIST sets free is FREE INDEED! (John 8:36)

Sylvia Darling

©Sylvia Darling 2021


If ever there was a moment for true Christians around the World to ARISE and PUBLICLY PROCLAIM, UPHOLD and DEFEND the teachings of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour it is NOW! In America “The Land Of The Free!” (but ONLY if you’re a White Conservative/Evangelical “Christian” apparently!) there are BLATANTLY RACIST LAWS being passed by individual States throughout the Nation with the DELIBERATE and SOLE AIM of making it as difficult as possible for people in predominantly black areas in their States to vote! On top of this SHAMELESS RACISM and KNOWING their new laws will undoubtedly lead to long delays and increased time spent in queues some have even made it A CRIME to give somebody waiting in long lines to vote A BITE OF FOOD or A DRINK OF WATER! AND THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS!!! *“YE HYPOCRITES, WELL DID ESAIAS PROPHESY OF YOU SAYING, THIS PEOPLE DRAWETH NIGH UNTO ME WITH THEIR MOUTH, AND HONOURETH ME WITH THEIR LIPS: BUT THEIR HEART IS FAR FROM ME…**YE OUTWARDLY APPEAR RIGHTEOUS UNTO MEN, BUT WITHIN YE ARE FULL OF HYPOCRISY AND INIQUITY.
(*Matt 15:7/8 **Matt 23:28) See also Matt 25:41/46, 1John 3:17, 1John 2:4+6.

YEARS AGO, people across the Globe united to fight against the evils of Apartheid in South Africa, some quite literally camped on the streets of London for years to keep the issue in the public eye - now, on the streets of America, innocent black people are being killed every day for the ‘CRIME’ of being ALIVE and BLACK in America AND NO-ONE SAYS A WORD! America is moving closer and closer to BLATANTLY ENFORCING its own DESPICABLE form of LEGALIZED APARTHEID AND THE WORLD IS SILENTCHRISTIANS ARE SILENT!

Thanks to the advent of cell-phones with cameras ALL OF US, ALL OVER THE WORLD, HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES the CRIMINAL INJUSTICE in the way black citizens are treated throughout America - AND NOW THAT WE HAVE SEEN, TRUE CHRISTIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE A DUTY TO SPEAK OUT!

With all the vast, purportedly CHRISTIAN, Churches and Ministries all over America and throughout the World there is not ONE prominent Christian voice to be heard, other than those speaking in DEFENCE of the despicable self-serving DESPOT waiting in the wings to make matters even worse! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SO-CALLED ‘CHRISTIANS’ SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING, revelling in their respective leaders PROMINENCE and PRESTIGE imagining that their self-preserving SILENCE AND NON-EXISTENT ‘RECTITUDE’ will save them from future accountability!

At a time when, thanks to the absurdity of permitting blatant lies and insurrectionist propaganda to stream 24/7 across their airwaves deceiving MILLIONS of people AND DRIVING THEIR NATION TO THE VERY BRINK OF CIVIL WAR, some States have made it easier then ever before for anyone over the age of 16 to buy automatic weapons over the counter and the hypercritical gun-toting Republicans behind these changes are "astonished" and "outraged" by the dramatic increase in violent crimes and mass shootings, blaming everybody but themselves for the ensuing holocaust of violence. THIS in a Nation in which any BLACK PERSON seen with a gun ANYWHERE on his body or even in his car will be shot and killed the moment any white or racially-biased police officer comes anywhere near him! TRUE CHRISTIANS all over the World MUST ARISE AND MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD, through their Churches, through their politicians, through their Governments, IF NECESSARY, BY STARTING THEIR OWN ORGANISATIONS to right these horrendous wrongs! I appeal to YOU, WHOEVER you are and WHEREVER you are to make sure YOUR VOICE IS HEARD!

Even in the ‘old days’ there was a well-known saying that “ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS THAT GOOD MEN STAND BY AND DO NOTHING!” CHRISTIANS should not be ‘STANDING BY AND DOING NOTHING’! Let us make our God PROUD OF THOSE WHO TRULY SERVE HIM by standing AGAINST FALSE Christians who are actively DEFAMING HIS HOLY NAME by promoting INJUSTICE and INFAMY! I pray that my Heavenly Father and my Precious Saviour Jesus Christ quickens these words to your spirit and enables you to do all His Precious Holy Spirit would have you do in these perilous times. God Bless You And Be With You Always.

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2021


So often of late I’ve felt like giving up,
And letting go of the Hand that fortunately,
Will never let go of mine.
That’s the only thought that’s kept me going Lord,
The certainty that even if I let go – YOU do not!
You are there, watching over me.…caring…waiting,
Yearning to help, and rescue me from my despair.
Thank You for Your Love that never changes,
Your Steadfastness that always sees me through,
No matter how much I twist and turn, and doubt!
Sometimes my depression and fears overwhelm me,
Leaving me wondering if I will ever find my way,
But Lord, You are always there, and You always Care
No matter how dark and lonely my road may seem!

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2016

This poem captures a moment in my own life when I so desperately needed to feel The Hand of God Hovering over me Protectively and to hear His Gentle Voice whisper to my spirit that everything was going to be FINE and I would make it THROUGH the turbulent choppy seas that seemed about to engulf me and drag me under…a moment when my despair was so great that I thought I would never be able to achieve the vision He had laid out before me. As always, His Peace did come. Even as I wrote this poem I could feel Him Strengthening me, Guiding me, Reassuring me. I was engulfed not by the sea but by the certainty of His Unfailing Love and Support. Whatever you might be going through today always remember that this same unfailing love and support is there for YOU too and take comfort in the knowledge that He Stands Steadfastly by your side no matter what your situation is. Be Strong: and know The Lord is with you.
God Bless You,

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2021


It is a time not for frustration or despair, or for sorrow, doubts and fears, but a time to dwell on the Glorious Majesty of our Living God Who constantly watches over us, guiding us and protecting us from ALL the evils of this World. It is HIS Will that will prevail in our lives if we heed His Voice and faithfully follow the teachings of Our Precious Messiah. There is a free download for your upliftment at our free downloads section

The Journey.

Letting Go

Father, this has been a hard lesson to learn.
From windy hills and barren places
I’ve cried out to You to talk to me.
Sometimes Your answer has come so late
I have despaired, and searched my soul
For error or for sin.
I’ve stood on Your Word,
Believed in Your Provision,
And stared at the dark shadows all around me.
But suddenly in the stillness of night,
Surrounded by Your Peace,
I begin to understand.
I perceive the hold my wants and needs
Have upon me and am staggered.
Is it really so important,
What I eat, what I wear,
When You have clothed me in righteousness,
And spread out Your Table before me?
Oh Father, now I truly see,
Nothing else matters – only You.

Sylvia Darling
© Sylvia Darling 2016

A Life Of Praise

I place my heart between Your Hands in humble offering,
And sacrifice my will at the foot of Your Throne.
I cast aside all worldly aims and proud ambition
That I might live my life to bring glory to Your Name!
Let it be a sweet savour unto You Lord!
Let my heart beat on with Yours in one accord!
Let my lips cry out to all, my God is Worthy!
Let my life enable others to hear Your Call!
Let my heart lie next to Yours in adoration!
Let my mouth sing out anew with songs of praise!
Let Christians all around bring acclamation
To their God By Whom The Universe was made!

Sylvia Darling

©Sylvia Darling 2016

The Way Of The Cross

What would you have me say about serving The Lord?
That it’s fun? That it’s easy?
Should I not speak of those times of inner searching
That will cause you to cry out as one in torment?
Nor mention those occasions when your heart will ache,
And you will thirst as one lost amidst the deserts dry and gritty dunes,
Fearing you will never hear His Voice again?
Moments when the aridity of the Wilderness,
Or the depths of the Valley seem too great for your soul to bear?
Yet if I speak not of these things how do I help you?
For you must crave what lies beyond the pain of these experiences,
And discover for yourself the perfection of His Salvation
And the nature of His Greater Plan for you, and all mankind.
Victory lies waiting at the end of your particular tunnel
If you will but pass through it.
If we would have Him change our wooden vessels into chalices
Of gold we must realise that we too must pay a price.
We who earnestly seek to hear the very heart-beat of our Living God
Must also be prepared to spend our time in Gethsemane,
And having endured Gethsemane still have the courage and devotion
To go on to our own personal Calvary.
Only if we have done all these things shall we even begin
To perceive the Wonder of our God, or the Nature of His Love for us.
Shall I tell you that it’s easy…or shall I simply say He’s worth any

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2019

Scaling The Peak

Each move I make is another step
Along Your special path,
So many steps must still be made,
And sometimes the climbing seems hard,
But when I reach that shining peak
Where I will meet my Lord,
How tiny will those steps appear
When compared with my reward!
Sylvia Darling
© Sylvia Darling 2019

The High Places

It’s easy to delight in Him in the midst of the Golden Field, ripe and scented with the
sweet aroma of herbs and flowers, but it’s not so easy to believe and trust when we
find ourselves on the rocky outcrop to which that sweet-smelling field leads.
We gaze silently at its bleak and barren aspect and turning our heads look back
upon the path our feet so recently travelled with such joy and gladness.
The way ahead does not look welcoming. Can it be the right path we wonder?
Should we, can we, go further? Yes, the path IS there but it is here that we must put
down all our talents and ‘works’ for Him, together with our fanciful imaginings of
glory and power, and gazing steadfastly at Him learn to WAIT and to HEAR until
we are sure we are following His leading and not secretly seeking to exalt ourselves
in our ‘service’ to Him. When we have truly seen ourselves in relation to our work
He shows us we can pick up those burdens again if we will, but now we will know
more clearly what to take. Sorrowfully we look upon Pride and Ambition, knowing
now what a large part they played in getting us thus far when all along we thought we
were being pure and holy. We turn from these and look at the other burdens we
carried up to this point, self-esteem and hidden sin, carefully concealed avarice
and greed, and we feel no desire for these things either. So what is left? We bend
down and pick up that one remaining package we still feel we need, the one
marked ‘Knowledge’ and we carry it for a while. Knowledge of HIM is first borne,
then known in the mind, but then when it is experienced, head knowledge must
be discarded,
for we no longer need ‘knowledge’ when He is truly IN us, our faith is no
longer a burden to be carried like a Cross upon our backs, we ARE faith!
When God shines in us, through us, people will look at us and perceive HIM in all
His Beauty and they will fall down and CRY to know the Living God. Only
then shall we truly be vessels, only then are we full of His Life not our own.
That last parcel called ‘knowledge’ was discarded along the way when we started to be
what our earthbound selves merely had us doing and saying. The external façade
has at last become an internal reality, but one unpolluted by earthbound ideals.
We shall walk in His strength not our own, and see through His Eyes with new
compassion and new understanding both the sins of our fellowman and our own.

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2019

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The toll of city life today and the ACTUAL price we pay!


The world is full of aching hearts,
Full of fear, dulled hope and pain;
People afraid to count the cost,
Merely hoping it’s not in vain.
So many are trapped in emptiness,
They’re the lost in hot pursuit
Of imagined prizes and worthless goals,
Idols held in high repute.
How God must weep as He watches
While they seek as their common goal
The riches of a transient world,
Not Salvation for the soul.
When will they see the futility
Of their endless toil and strife?
One day they’ll see what their idols cost –
The Gift of Eternal Life!

© Sylvia Darling 2019

“Aching hearts, full of fear, dulled hope and pain”, those few words describe the way far too many of us live our lives today, refusing to admit what it actually does cost us physically, emotionally, spiritually, just to get through another day. We know in our hearts that it is all in vain, that tomorrow will be exactly the same, and the day after that, and the day after that. The Apostle Paul wrote that “Spiritual truths are spiritually discerned”, but few of us today are really looking for spiritual solutions for problems we perceive as belonging to our Modern World, and far too complex for God to be the only answer we need. I did too. I had no-one to open my eyes to the truth, to guide my feet along the right path. I met with God when I was very, very small, too young to understand all I needed to understand so of course I stumbled and fell very often as I grew up. My childhood was not a happy one and even when I was young I would wonder ‘What is the point? Why am I here? Why was I ever even born?’, but even though I wandered far from God feeling lonely and afraid, I later discovered that He had never ONCE let go of my hand, although I had most certainly let go of His! Why not spend a little time with me on my other website too, sylviadarling.com perhaps sharing some of my heartache and despair will help you find healing and explanations for your own. I promise you it’s not a BORING read and it’s only a click away…JOIN ME, you have absolutely nothing to lose and so very much to gain!

© Sylvia Darling 2019

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The Authors' Book Two EBook Cover

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Uplifting and inspiring Christian Verse

The Lost

A tormented heart cries out in pain,
Unseeing eyes search The Heavens in vain,
Tear-stained cheeks a story tell,
Of a mis-spent life on a journey to Hell.
Caught in a vice from which he cannot escape,
It’s your hand he needs for the step he must take.
Your lips must tell him that Christ paid the price,
That He bought us Salvation with His Sacrifice.
Your love must help him discover The Cross,
And your heart must bleed, with God’s for the lost.

© Sylvia Darling 2016

The Lord would say unto you today, remember The Lost, stretch out your hands to help your brothers and sisters in need all around you. *"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me." **"But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: that thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly" * Matt 25:40 **Matt 6:3/4

Sylvia Darling.

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